5 Best Cannabis Blogs in 2019 that You’ll Wish You’d Seen Sooner

The internet is an amazing place for cannabis explorers.

YouTube can keep us entertained for hours, Reddit has the stoner community on lock, but blogs are where it’s at if you want to be super entertained and well-informed about weed.

These are some of the best cannabis blogs that stand out from the rest.

Cloud Nine - best cannabis blogs

Stoner parents looking for the best cannabis blogs, rejoice!

The Stoner Mom is a normal thirty-something mom of four who’s “usually in a Target or at the elementary school, doing regular mom things”.

But she’s also a big advocate of medical and recreational cannabis.

She’s not shy about her frequent cannabis use and her blog is her way of combating the stigma that comes with cannabis use. “I want to show the world that cannabis users are just people,”  Reads the Stoner Mom’s About section. “Stoners are Millenials. They are Gen-Xers. They are Baby Boomers. They are adults with children, careers, mortgages, and retirement accounts. […] This website is meant to be a testament to the hundreds of thousands of people who use cannabis for a variety of personal reasons, in a totally responsible way.”

You go, Stoner Mom!

2. Kolas

Cloud Nine - best cannabis blogs

Our favorite Sacramento cannabis brand and dispensary (other than our own, of course), is Kolas!

Their content encompasses all things cannabis, but our favorite part of their blog is the Canna Ask You interviews featuring cannabis advocates from all walks of life.

They’ve already featured Suicide Girl Circa Suicide and philosophical memer SighSwoon which includes their unique view of the industry, the culture, and of cannabis in general.

We think Kolas has the best cannabis blogs for a wide range of readers, which is what makes it so fun to read!

Cloud Nine - best cannabis blogs

For those who see the cannabis industry as the big green rush, this is one of the best cannabis blogs for getting informed.

This Canadian-based blog is all about highlighting the opportunities, and risks, for the new money paradigm of the industry. They explore macro ‘big picture’ ideas and analyze them into an actionable cash-generating perspective.

If you want to make better investments and decisions when it comes to getting involved with the cannabis industry, this is a great blog to educate yourself.


Cloud Nine - best cannabis blogs

Most of you already know about Weedmaps because that’s where we host our online menu. But what most people don’t know is that Weedmaps is actually one of the best cannabis blogs for pretty much anything!

We love that they organize their blogs into 6 categories: Introduction, Products and How to Consume, Cannabis and Your Body, The Plant, Laws and Regulations, and Cannabis History.

It’s super organized and makes this one of the best cannabis blogs to find something specific that you want to learn about.

Next time you’re browsing our menu, feel free to browse their blog too!

Cloud Nine - best cannabis blogs

Okay, so we might be just a little bit biased for this one…But we take pride in our blog!

You can read about why stoner couples have the best relationships and the fundamentals of how to have the best stoner relationship ever. Read about some helpful cannabis strains for social anxiety during Thanksgiving or other family events and know that you’re definitely not alone. You can even read about how a puppy is born every time you leave us a positive review. No joke.

Above all, we love being able to provide our customer, community, and friends with information about the industry and our products so that you can stay informed, and stay happy.

We are so honored that we get to lead the industry here in Sacramento when it comes to providing accurate, up-to-date, and fun-to-read info.

Have any suggestions about what we should write about next? Leave us a comment in the comments section below and let us know! We’re always happy to take suggestions about our blog.

Know of an amazing cannabis blog that didn’t make the list? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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P.S. Get excited! Kolas is coming soon…