9 Cannabis Strains That Make the Best Stocking Stuffers for Adults

As much as we all could use more vitamin C in our diet, why is there always an orange in every Christmas stocking?

This year, if you’re stuffing stockings for people who don’t still believe in Santa, we thought you may want some ideas for the best stocking stuffers for adults.

Sativa strains

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1. Lemon Squeeze from 350 Fire

This deliciously citrus strain will brighten anyone’s stocking.

Lemon Squeeze is an uplifting and motivating sativa that can keep your friends in a great mood throughout the holiday season.

Stay giggly, clear-headed, yet relaxed and chilled out with a strain that brings an enjoyable body and head high.


2. Sour Diesel from Reef Leaf

You can count on this lively sativa strain to get you in the holiday spirit!

This potent strain is highly cerebral with legendary effects that have been described as dreamy yet energizing.

While it is a great choice for recreational users, this strain is also a go-to for many people seeking medical benefits.

Sour Diesel has been known to help treat stress, pain, and depression.


3. Cali Roots from JAHLIBYRD and Cali Roots

This exclusive collaborative sativa strain from JAHLIBYRD and Cali Roots will remind you why you live in the best state to celebrate the holidays.

And since we’re talking about states, your friends will love this strain when it comes to their mental state.

This strain has the potential to boost your cerebral state by keeping you clear-headed and motivated to take on the holiday festivities.


Indica strains

Cloud Nine - Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine blogs - best stocking stuffers for adults


4. Kashmir Kush by Mr. Natural

If you’re planning on having a chill day with your friends, this indica strain is one of the best stocking stuffers for adults.

The distinct aroma and flavor of this strain can be just as intriguing as the high itself. With a tart and piney flavor and a pungent fuel and pine aroma, you don’t need to be a cannasseur to enjoy all of the unique flavors in this strain.

And if flavors aren’t your thing, the relaxing and heavy-handed relaxation that this strain can provide may be more your cup of tea.


5. Forbidden Fruit from Humboldt Farms

Much like an orange, one of the best stocking stuffers for adults is also a fruit. Forbidden Fruit!

This indica strain will chill your friends out with its soothing tropical, sweet, and cherry flavors and its cerebral and body effects that are potentially heavy enough to melt away any minor physical pain or stress.


6. Birthday Cake from Flow Kana

We all know that one friend whose birthday comes way too close to the holiday season and end up getting a two-for-one gift.

“Happy birthday and Christmas!” you’ve probably said to them in the past with a smile that looks more like a grimace.

Luckily this year, you can give them a stocking stuffer/birthday present that they’ll actually love.

Birthday Cake is a nice soothing indica strain with deeply relaxing mind and body effects.


Hybrid strains

Cloud Nine - Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine blogs - best stocking stuffers for adults


7. Mimosa by Fields Family Farmz

Since they’ll probably be opening their stocking on Christmas morning, it only makes sense to give your friends a strain that has a namesake perfect for any morning.

Much like the morning beverage, the strain Mimosa is great for starting any morning off right with an easy and uplifting buzz.

Just remember to pace yourself because, again, like the drink, this strain is strong and you don’t want to overdo it too early.


8. Gelato by 350 Fire

This sweet strain is one of the best stocking stuffers for adults who already smoke because this strain is a real powerhouse.

The uplifting and euphoric head and body high may be heavy, but many claim that they’re still able to stay clear-headed, productive, and creative throughout the day.


9. GG #4 from Smoke Stacks

GG4, or Original Glue, is a strain that any cannabis-loving adult would agree is one of the best stocking stuffers for adults who love to toke it up.

This potent and award-winning strain is a legendary favorite of many smokers of all walks of life.

However, even though it is a hybrid strain, GG4, or Original Glue, is known to make you feel “glued” to the couch.


This year, stuff some stockings with things adults really want. And if we’re being real, the best stocking stuffers for adults should really contain weed.

We hope you have the best holiday season yet! Spending time with friends and family is the best, especially when there’s enough dank weed to go around.

Happy holidaze!