4 Strains that Won’t Give You Couch Lock

The last time I had couch lock, I was watching Deep Sea IMAX on Blue Ray with the sound turned off, and in its place, deep house thumping through my speakers.

If your couch lock experiences haven’t been as fun as mine, that’s okay.

If you want to stay active while you stay elevated, you’ve come to the right place!

Cannabis has an amazingly wide range of potential effects.

But sometimes we all just want a cannabis experience that’s uplifted, motivational, creative, and energetic. No matter how mind-blowing the bottom of the sea is.

Couch lock has its time and place for when you’re ready to chill out and relax.

But here are some strains to help you get you off your ass.

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - couch lock - orange peels cookies

We looove Cookies.

In fact, Berner, the hip-hop mogul and creator of Cookies, made an appearance and did a meet-and-greet at our affiliate dispensary, Kolas earlier this month!

We’ve always loved the Cookies product line and we were so excited to be able to be one of the few dispensaries in Sacramento carry products like their strain Orange Peels.

This sought-after strain is as flavorful as it is potent, and that’s what makes Orange Peels from Cookies so special.

Enjoy a powerful citrus and sour tangerine flavor with an invigorating high that packs a punch that kicks couch lock in the ass.

Feel the onset rush of blissful energy and euphoria and enjoy the famous Cookies brand cannabis that everyone’s been talking about.


Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - couch lock - maui wowie select

With summer coming up, who doesn’t want to enjoy a strain called Maui Wowie?!

Especially when it’s in a portable, convenient, discreet, and potent vape pen from Select!

Enjoy the relaxation and chillness of your favorite cannabis products but without any of the sleepiness or couch lock you may experience from other strains.

Fans of the Maui Wowie vape pen from Select say that it’ll give you that cerebral buzz you love from most cannabis products, but you’ll still be able to be productive and alert.

If you’re not going on an actual vacation to Maui, just a puff or two from Select’s Maui Wowie vape pen can make you feel like you’re laying out on a beach.

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - couch lock - sour diesel Old Pal

If you’re looking for a strong, fast-acting strain that delivers an energy boost in tandem with euphoric cerebral effects, you’re probably going to love this.

And this world-famous strain is THE BEST when you get it from Old Pal.

Old Pal brings it all the way back to an era that celebrates free love, unbounded creativity, and wild expression.

It makes sense why their product is so damn good.

Not only is Sour Diesel from Old Pal a great choice for enjoying in the sunshine, but it’s also a top choice among medical consumers that don’t just want to veg out. Sour Diesel explorers have reached for this strain to alleviate stress, pain, and depression.

Get soothed by a strain that won’t leave you with couch lock.

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - couch lock - mango haze ignite

Mango Haze from IGNITE is the perfect option if you want a great balance of both sativa and indica effects that won’t put you in a couch lock.

With Mango Haze, you can look forward to an awesome burst of creative energy and inspiration that’s anchored by a calming body high, but not a body high so intense that you won’t be able to get up.

If you love IGNITE, they’re running several exclusive discounts at Kolas on April 20th for their 420 event. Don’t miss out on some crazy good deals on cannabis products, food, and even a shuttle that takes you from Kolas to Cannabis Cup at Cal Expo and back!

Your couch will always be there for you when you get home.

But for all the other times you want to get up and get active, check out any of these strains in stock at our dispensary, Cloud 9.

But hurry! These products fly off the shelves FAST and we don’t always have them in stock.

Feel free to give us a call in advance at (916)-387-8605 to see if your favorite strain is waiting for you here.

See you soon!

P.S. If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend for 420, head over to Kolas on April 20th, 2019 for a 420 event in Sacramento that you’ll never forget! Just don’t get locked to your couch during your wake and bake…