How to Convince Grandma to Smoke Weed

Are you ready to get high AF with grandma?

Just kidding. Not really.

But what we are serious about is giving the seniors we love the treatment they deserve.

And when it comes to grandma’s health and wellbeing, she should get the very best.

Luckily for her, we live in a society that has legalized both medicinal and recreational cannabis for adults of all ages.

The weed is ready to be smoked, but is your grandma ready to smoke it?

This is exactly how to convince grandma to smoke weed.

1. Talk to her about the medicinal properties

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Chances are, grandma still associates weed with lazy hippies.

Instead of telling her about how dope it feels to be high, tell her about the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis has been known to help reduce tremors in Parkinson’s disease, has alleviated symptoms of fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and other conditions where a common symptom is chronic pain.

It’s also been known to help treat glaucoma, manage nausea, help with PTSD, alleviate symptoms of arthritis, and help with a number of other conditions.

Seniors all over the country are turning to medicinal cannabis as a means to help relieve their symptoms in a safe and natural way.

2. Tell her it’s safe

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Compared to her prescription pills that come with a multitude of side effects, the side effects of cannabis don’t even compete.

Red eyes? Eye drops. Dry mouth? Get grandma another glass of prune juice. High AF? Put grandma in her rocking chair and let her chill tf out.

Cannabis is a plant and doesn’t have nearly as many side effects as anything else she’s ever taken.

Show her success stories and reassure her that it’s totally safe.


3. Tell her about senior discounts

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If your grandma loves a good bargain, let her know that any dispensary in Sacramento that’s powered by Kolas has senior discounts on all of their products.

That’s right, anyone who is 65 or older receives a 10% discount.

4. Tell her that you’ll smoke with her

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Quality time with her favorite grandchild? Sign her right up!

She’ll feel safer knowing she’s trying something new with someone that she trusts and has her best interest in mind.

Plus, there’s nothing better than getting high and eating one of grandma’s famous cookies. The munchies at its finest.

Friendly reminder that not all grandmas want to smoke weed, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to benefit from the effects of cannabis.

Vaping, applying a topical to the skin, and eating an edible are only a few of the many smoke-free methods to enjoy cannabis.

At Cloud 9, you and your grandma are always welcome! Come by today to snag that senior discount!