December is the deadliest month of the year for heart attacks, according to the American Heart Association. Want to take a guess why?

That’s right. It’s because this time of year we are expected to spend more than we can afford, be in more places than physically possible, all while being happier than ever. After all, it is the happiest time of year. Or is it?

For most of us adults, this isn’t the case. The commercialism and shopping stress. The family get-togethers. Facing the feelings of another year gone in the blink of an eye.

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and relax. Better yet, sit down and take and deep inhale. Marijuana is a fantastic solution to the holiday stress.

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Cloud 9 is here with a guide to set you straight this holiday. Here are our recommendations for staying healthy during the busy holiday.

Marijuana can relieve your stress and anxiety

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Trying to do a million things at once or charging a million dollars on your credit card is bound to drive up your stress and anxiety levels. Especially when you live in a society with more and more things that need doing, and less time to do them in.

There’s a solution to this problem. Unplug yourself from the unrealistic expectations of society.

Relax, take care of yourself, and manage your stress levels. And medicate.

Marijuana can be an excellent way to relieve the stress and anxiety of the holidays. This is because of our favorite cannabinoid, THC, acts as a natural reliever for stress and anxiety.

Next time you are feeling yourself buckle under the holiday stress, stop and take a deep breath.

Spark up a nice sativa for some clarity, or an indica if you need to relax. Even the smallest dose of THC has the ability to take the weight of our problems off of our shoulders.


If you don’t have time for a full session, consider giving yourself a microdose. Your mind and body will thank you later.

Medicate, reflect, meditate

As we approach the end of the year, we often reflect on the year that passed and the year to come. For many people, this can bring negative feelings if they feel that they did not accomplish what they wanted, or if the year didn’t go the way they intended.

Rather than succumbing to feelings of disappointment or stress, take a timeout to reflect and meditate.

Meditation is an excellent outlet to de-stress. When you pause your life, you can reflect on the things that are going on around you. Reflection can also give you a sense of control.

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If you want to take your zen game to the next level, consider enhancing your experience with a nice smoke session. The therapeutic effects of cannabis can be great for letting your guard down and opening your mind.

Sit down, and be by yourself for awhile. Don’t give your special alone time to the TV or your phone screen.

Whether your eyes are closed or you are just staring at the wall, use this time to just be by yourself.

Practicing meditation or a little bit of self-reflection can be a positive way to organize your life and enjoy the small things. Remember, everyone is racing toward the same end. Enjoy the journey, not the destination.


Being high gives you a chance to have “me-time”

The holidays are often spent in the company of others. For many of us, this can bring on anxieties or expectations that make us uncomfortable. This leaves us with little time for ourselves, which could be the missing ingredient for being happy.

One of the first pieces of advice any financial advisor gives to a client is to “pay yourself first,” that is, take care of yourself first.

The same can be said of our time. Pay yourself first.

Don’t allow yourself to get locked into doing tasks for others the entire month of December and then forget about yourself.

Set aside time each day or each week that is just for you.

You can call this a date with yourself. This is also a fantastic time to medicate and relax. The relaxing and stress-relieving sensations brought on by THC are an excellent way to practice some quality “me-time.”

Being high allows you to be grateful and appreciate the little things

We are constantly told to be grateful, but when do we actually appreciate the small things around us? December is the best time to reflect and be grateful for what you have.

Research shows that practicing simple gratefulness or mindfulness can boost your positivity and well-being.

You don’t need to feel like a robotic consumer just going through the motions. Stop. Think about 10 things you are thankful for this year. Or 100 things. Whatever it is, just think about it and be grateful.

The clarity, cerebral stimulation and relaxing sensations offered by marijuana can help you focus on what’s important this December: being happy.

Sit down, take a hit, vape, dab, whatever. This is time for you to appreciate the little things! So be merry, and be medicated.

Do you have any personal tips for surviving the holiday stress? Share them with us in the comments section!