2008, 2018

How Do Dispensaries Work? What to Expect for Your First Time Here

August 20th, 2018|0 Comments

How Do Dispensaries Work? What to Expect for Your First Time Here You’ve read the blogs, you’ve browsed the menu, and you’ve sat in your car in our parking lot staring at our dispensary [...]

308, 2018

Stoner Tools Life Hacks: 6 Unexpected Tools & Tricks That You’ll Love

August 3rd, 2018|5 Comments

1. The Sploof - Every discreet stoner's best friend. One of every college student’s favorite stoner tools is a sploof. Even though the smell of cannabis smoke dissipates relatively quickly compared with pesky cigarette [...]


“Excellent quality, professional staff, made me feel welcome and answered all of my questions.”

Lispee, Love this place!

“They have a super selection of the top grade and for people on a budget definitely going back again.”

Provalue, Super dope spot new location same cool people!

“I’ve been here many times and each time they’ve had a wide variety of strains that were good quality. the bud tenders are friendly and knowledgeable. The prices are all very reasonable!”

Sunyata, Great dispensary, great prices!

“This place is my go to every day. All the budtenders are chill if you just make an effort to talk to them and ask them how their day is going and they do a great job of keeping the strain variety up.”

Theshizzol, One of the best in Sac!

“The staff was supperb! Super nice, hella informed, and just overall good people I felt comfortable talking to. They educated me a bit on what was good for me and overall improved the experience even tho the place itself spoke for itself on how nice it is.”

Coltnic, Amazing Service!

“As I walked in for my first time I was amazed by the customer service WOW!!!! They got some ENERGETIC staff here , from beginning to the end my time there was wonderful , the guy with a glasses helped me out , he was knownlegdable about the products, and buds which what I look for when I do shop around for cannabis, but I will be back again this is one of the best shops!!! Keep up the great work!”

Bongo420, SunDaze Blessed Day