The Big Sacramento Dispensary Update You Don’t Want to Miss

For those of you who don’t already know, there are some big things coming up for Cloud Nine!

1. Transitioning into … Kolas!

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - sacramento dispensary

We are officially transitioning into being official Kolas affiliate stores! And several dispensaries throughout Sacramento are even making the transition into becoming a legitimate Kolas dispensary!! Woohooo!

What is Kolas, you ask?

A kola (or cola) on the cannabis plant sits at the very top of the plant, like a crown of premium bud. If it sounds so top-notch that it’s nearly royal, that’s because it totally is.

Based off of that definition alone, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome to have local dispensaries that are providing the best of the best.

Even The Bread Store in Midtown is turning into a Kolas dispensary!

Will we be one of Kolas dispensaries? You just gotta wait to find out!

Want to learn more? Check out the first Kolas dispensary’s website.

2. We’re dropping products from star-quality brands!

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - sacramento dispensary

Gone are the days of disappointing cannabis products.

We have some of the most incredible brands in stock right now!

Meet a couple of the brands we just can’t stop talking about:

  1. Select

This amazing brand offers literally every THC level you could possibly want in one product. If you’re looking for 0%, definitely check out their CBD line (they even have a product designed especially for pets!). For novices, they offer 50% THC drops and 45-75% THC vape cartridges. And for the more seasoned cannabis explorers, you’re definitely going to want to check out their line of Elite cartridges, Elite gummies, and Dabbables (all in the 75-95% THC range). And for the true connoisseurs, their Premium Cannabis Concentrate contains 99.9% THC!

  1. Cookies
    This is probably one of the most famous cannabis brands out there, and for a good reason. Its creator is Berner, Bay area rapper, artist, and entrepreneur. Cookies has grown from a small mom-and-pop Bay Area brand to a nationally recognized entity in the realms of fashion, sports, music, and of course, cannabis. They offer incredible cannabis products along with a stunning clothing line.

Check out the kind of products we have in store by checking out our IG, @cookiescalifornia, and @berner415

3. We’re about to be all over Sacramento!

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - sacramento dispensary

You’ve already seen a couple of the Kolas billboards popping up…well, be on the lookout for many, many more! Pretty soon, you’ll feel good knowing that your favorite cannabis brand and Sacramento dispensary is keeping you company around the city. Show us some love and snap a selfie with the next Kolas billboard you see! You may even get yourself a shout out on our page if you use the hashtag #shopkolas …

4. We have some MAJOR sales going on!

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - sacramento dispensary

We know how much you all love a good deal! That’s why we’ve been featuring some major markdowns on some of our favorite brands like 350 Fire, Paper Planes, Fields Family Farmz, and more. Stop by today to take advantage of these crazy deals before we run out! Seriously, these brands are FLYING off the shelves!!

5. Kolas is about to CURE YOU!

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - sacramento dispensary

The first Kolas brand product is on shelves now, and we couldn’t be more excited! The Cure is the first of eight exclusive Kolas strains that will be released for the sole purpose of elevating your senses. Some other upcoming strains are Chill Pill, LoveCraft, Go-Getter, and many more! Each strain has a specific purpose and can be used to elevate certain experiences and moods. For The Cure, you probably guessed that this strain is designed with special healing properties. Whether you’re looking for some physical pain relief or mental strain relief, this just might be your new favorite strain.

6. Come party with us!

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud nine blogs - sacramento dispensary

We are going to a bunch of fun events coming up soon… Will we see you there?

Spot us living it up at THIS Midtown block party events every Second Saturday all summer! Don’t miss out on fun free goodies we’ll be passing out, and come enjoy the sunshine, food, drinks, live music, and more!

Don’t miss our booth at Aftershock 2019, the best rock music festival in all of Sacramento! We had so much fun with you last year that we just couldn’t resist another round!

Stay tuned for more awesome events where you can hang out with the Kolas crew!

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We hope to see you back at our Sacramento dispensary soon!