7 Helpful Cannabis Strains for Social Anxiety During Thanksgiving

7 Helpful Cannabis Strains for Social Anxiety During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time to spend with family and loved ones and eat good food and blah blah blah.

We all know why this beloved holiday is fun, but for most of us, we also know that it comes with a price.

Hanging out with a bunch of people who have almost nothing in common except for blood is bound to have its fair share of, at best, awkward moments. At worst, it can provide a bit of social anxiety during Thanksgiving.

Luckily, we hope that we have some strains that can help get you through the anxiety and let you enjoy the delicious food. And maybe even enjoy the company.

1. Banana Kush

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This strain is perfect if your social anxiety during Thanksgiving makes you shut down and not want to be a part of any conversations happening around you.

A hybrid strain, Banana Kush has been known to provide a chilled out buzz and a mellow euphoria that can stimulate your creative side and get you talking in social settings.

Hopefully, your positive energy will help to inspire positive conversation with the other guests around you.

Just stay away from politics.

2. Silver Haze

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Novices, heed my warning. This ish is strong.

This sativa dominant strain is a potent blend of Haze and Northern Lights for a clear-headed and friendly mood.

If your social anxiety during Thanksgiving stems from needing a boost of confidence at the function, Silver Haze may be your go-to.

It’s been known to make you feel energized, motivated, and talkative.

But we recommend taking it slow, because this strain is mighty strong.

3. Orange Crush

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This fun sativa-dominant hybrid strain can provide for a unique experience.

As the name suggests, Orange Crush has been known to crush social anxiety during Thanksgiving and replace those uncomfortable feelings with giggly, happy, and stress-free ones.

The strain really is true to its name, and not just the ‘crush’ part. It also has a distinctive citrusy aroma that’ll awaken your senses to prepare for an enjoyable and fun experience.

4. Strawberry Cough

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If your social anxiety reaches further than just Thanksgiving, Strawberry Cough may be your saving grace.

Characteristically, this strain was designed to potentially alleviate general and social anxiety, especially in high-stress situations.

The uplifting and euphoric cerebral effects can have you feeling right all night and can hopefully even make you forget that you had social anxiety during Thanksgiving ever before.

Strawberry Cough can give you the opportunity to let go and to deeply enjoy the moment in a relaxed, focused, and giggly headspace.

5. Granddaddy Purple

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This is the only indica on the list, but it’s on here for a good reason.

Granddaddy Purple, aka Granddaddy Purp, aka GDP isn’t only the strain of many names, but its unique effects are well-renowned throughout the cannabis community.

If you’re looking to combat social anxiety during Thanksgiving in a relaxing way, you’ve come to the right place.

GDP can provide a heavy euphoria and full-body relaxation that’ll help you to get to sleep right after your Thanksgiving feast.

Food coma + GDP = Best night’s sleep. Ever.

6. Jack Herer

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This strain may have been named after one of the biggest cannabis advocates ever, but don’t be intimidated.

It’s actually a great strain for beginners or novices.

Most people don’t realize the modest potency makes this strain a nice, light strain that can be puffed on by smokers of all levels.

And for combating social anxiety during Thanksgiving, Jack Herer, the sativa-dominant strain, can be a great option.

Many people have recalled a time when this strain has helped them to be more socially inclined, describing their experience as a happy, focused, and talkative one.

7. Harlequin

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This unique strain is great for leaving social anxiety during Thanksgiving in the dust because of its unusually high amount of CBD.

Think of CBD as THC’s non-psychoactive cousin that helps promote both anxiety relief and pain relief.

This is a perfect strain for anyone who isn’t as interested in getting high as they are relieving their social anxiety and other medical issues.

The CBD:THC ratio is 5:2 which means you’ll still be able to feel the effects, but most of the work will be done without you realizing it.

Feel like yourself, and enjoy being around the people you love without social anxiety.


All jokes aside, Thanksgiving should be a time where you can relax and enjoy quality family time. If that’s not the case for you, feel free to stop by our dispensary any time to pick up any of these strains. We got your back.

And if this one sucks, there’s always Danksgiving!

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