4 Stoner Couple Date Ideas in Sacramento

So you’re getting to know a 420-friendly hottie, but you’re not quite ready to Netflix and chill with them yet.

You still want to have some fun and impress them without putting on the pressure to take the relationship to the next level.

If this sounds like you, keep reading! Check out these 4 stellar stoner couple date ideas that you can do right here in Sactown.

1. Go dispensary hopping

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Pub crawls are definitely a thing, but if you and your ganja babe are more into chronic than a gin and tonic, try dispensary hopping!

There are so many amazing dispensaries in the Greater Sacramento area and hitting them all will feel like a fun adventure and mini road trip.

Not to mention, you get to pick up some of your favorite Cookies products! That’s right; every dispensary that’s powered by Kolas carries premium cannabis products from Cookies.

2. Check out local street art

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud Nine blogs - stoner couple date ideas

Go for a romantic stroll through the city and visit some of Sacramento’s most breathtaking street art. Consider it as somewhat of a museum date, but way more exciting. Also, free. Find the most amazing murals in Sacramento painted by artists all over the world by checking out the works of art made for Wide Open Walls. Since this is a stoner couple date idea, you could take the risk by bringing a portable vape pen along. That way, you and your canna-babe can discreetly enjoy your favorite plant together. But please be aware that it’s still not legal to consume cannabis in public!

3. See a movie at the drive-in

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud Nine blogs - stoner couple date ideas

Ah, nothing is better than a warm summer night. Take advantage of the rise of temperatures as we transition from spring into summer, and take your date to the West Wind Drive-In! Enjoy all of the perks of a movie theater all within the comfort (and privacy) of your own car. And since these are stoner couple date ideas, we have a pro tip for you. The further back you park, the more discreet you and your ganja babe can be.

4. Travel back in time

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud Nine blogs - stoner couple date ideas

Walk along the cobblestone next to the banks of the Sacramento River and enjoy a romantic stroll through Old Sacramento with your date. Enjoying some cannabis beforehand will help to make this historic landmark of a town feel even more like you’ve stepped through a time machine.

Forming meaningful connections with people isn’t always easy. Make it easier with cannabis.

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