17 Stoner Couple Quotes That Will Make You Want to Pack a Bowl for Two

Send these adorable stoner couple quotes to your ganja babe and instantly spark romance!

Because, let’s be blunt, stoner couples have the best relationships ever.

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“Netflix and chillum.”

For the couples that take turns packing bowls for each other while they binge-watch their favorite show.

“There ain’t no drama when you have marijuana.”

Unlike the couples that get too drunk together and start fighting, couples who smoke together just want to chill and love each other.

“Weed be cute together.”

Let’s be blunt – That’s the cutest pick-up line ever!

“A couple that blazes together stays together.”

Can’t argue with that!

His weed? I roll that. His heart? I hold that. His back? I got that. His partner? I am that. We’re happy… and they hate that.”

For the stoner boy in your life.

“How to treat a stoner girl: Smoke her out, take her out, and eat her out.”

And a little something for the ladies.

Cloud Nine - Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine blogs - stoner couple quotes

“Stoner couples roll up our problems, lick our solutions, burn our past, inhale the good shit, and exhale the bullshit.”

When you have this with someone, that’s some serious couple goals.

“The best things can be abbreviated into three letters: THC, CBD, and ILY.”

Weed and love FTW.

You toke my breath away!”

Another high-quality weed pun.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right. But two joints made my night.”

One joint for each of you. Perfection!

“You are like a high I never want to come down from.”

This quote may show a fine line between love and addiction but hey, it’s still romantic, right?

Cloud Nine - Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine blogs - stoner couple quotes

We hit more trees than a clumsy Tarzan and Jane.”

You’ll be in my heart!

“Show me your doobies.”

How are you gonna say no to that?

“If we get a weed bar for our wedding, I bet it’ll be a huge ‘hit’.”

A successful stoner marriage really is a joint effort.

Me without you is like papers without weed.”


A spark of kindness can start a fire of love.”

True love really isn’t just smoke and mirrors.

Couple goals: Growing flower together and growing old together.”

Just as long as you’re not growing tired of each other!

Send one of these sweet stoner couple quotes to your weed wife or hash husband and make their day!

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