5 Things Stoner Couples Should Do on the Weekend in Sacramento

Want to surprise your ganja babe with something fun to do this weekend? 

Stoner couples are the best because when you smoke together, you can have better conversations, better experiences, and a better time together. 

That’s why we love all of our awesome stoner couples that come into our dispensary for their goodies.

Have a great time this weekend, and try some of these Sacramento favorites for weekend plans!

1. Go to a concert

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Concert dates are the best!

Venues like the Holy Diver, Harlow’s Ace of Spades, and more, have been home to some of the best concerts in Sacramento, which makes this such a good weekend plan idea.

If you and your partner love getting high and listening to music, why not spice up your weekend with a concert?

And if you really wanted to embrace the theme of the experience, go to a reggae concert!

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Eat an edible or share a joint before the show so that you’re ready to feel the good vibes for your fun night out.

2. Have a stoner movie night

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine - Cloud Nine blogs - stoner couples

Don’t feel like going out?

You can still have a great time in the comfort of your living room!

And if you have a laptop with decent speakers, you don’t even have to leave your bed.

If you want to switch things up for date night, why not get high and try a foreign movie? Get a good dose of culture, or ignore the subtitles and make up your own story.

Or, share a pre-roll and put in a nature documentary. The world is a crazy place. Appreciate nature and the world’s surreal madness in the comfort of your own living room with your favorite person.

3. Go for a chilled out picnic

Cloud Nine - Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine blogs - stoner couples

While the weather’s still nice, this is a must-do!

And the best part about it is that all you need is a picnic blanket, some snacks, a vape pen, and of course, your ganja babe. Super budget-friendly, and super romantic!

Set up in Capitol Park, or in McKinley Park, for a sweet and outdoorsy weekend date with your love.

Stoner couples can enjoy their peaceful moments in the sun while enjoying a discreet yet potent vape pen. 

While the trees are still changing colors, the leaves romantically dancing in the wind, and the air is still warm yet crisp, this is the BEST time of year for a Sacramento picnic!

4. Visit a Powered by Kolas dispensary

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They love you. You love them. You both love cannabis. 

So why not just do something that will make you both happy this weekend and visit a Powered by Kolas dispensary?

We have several dispensaries throughout the Greater Sacramento area, so you never have to go too far from home.

And if you’re reading this on this blog, chances are, you’re already a fan of Cloud 9.

If you ever want to check in with our selection before you head over, you are always welcome to give us a call at (916) 387-8605 or check out our online menu. 

5. Go to a Kolas-sponsored event

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We saved the best for last.

A Kolas-sponsored event is the perfect weekend date for you and your boo.

Our partner dispensary has sponsored events like Aftershock Music Festival, THIS916 block parties, meet-and-greets with cannabis advocate celebrities, and so many more. 

In fact, we have an exciting event coming up the weekend after Thanksgiving called Give Thanks! Going from November 29th until December 1st, this festival features EDM stars like Kaskade, Morgan Page, and Getter.

Head over to Cal Expo with your partner for weekend plans that’ll make Thanksgiving weekend even better!

And for those who won’t be in town that weekend, definitely stay up to date with our email newsletter! We are constantly putting out opportunities for stoner couples to get tickets to various events and concerts. Don’t miss out!

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