7 Reasons Why Stoner Couples Have the Best Relationships

Couples who smoke together stay together.

Stoner couples have the best relationships for so many reasons, and if you’re in one, you probably already know.

But here are some more reasons just to inspire you and to remind you why you have the best relationship ever!

1. You aren’t just in a relationship, you’re best friends.

Cloud Nine - stoner couples


Stoner couples are partners, lovers, smoking buddies, and at the end of the day, they are best friends.

Being best friends with your partner makes the relationship that much more intimate and fulfilling.

The sense of connection that you can feel with a partner who is also your best friend is indescribable.

2. You’re both super open-minded.

Cloud Nine - stoner couples


For a lot of couples, it can be challenging sharing deep emotions and thoughts with their partner.

But for stoner couples, it tends to be just a little bit easier.

Using cannabis has been known to open the mind to new perspectives, thoughts, and ways to view the world. That, naturally, carries into the way that you approach a relationship.

Your partner is like you: holding good intentions, but flawed, and sometimes conflicted inside. The truth isn’t always easy to hear.

But stoner couples tend to be more open-minded than their non-420-friendly counterparts, which makes this aspect of the relationship way easier.

3. You don’t drink and fight, you smoke and communicate.

Cloud Nine - stoner couples


Alcohol can make even the best of us aggressive and unreasonable.

But when using cannabis, you become more passive, and more ready to understand, communicate, and listen to your partner.

Stoner couples are the best at staying calm and level-headed while discussing especially touchy subjects. With the help of cannabis, stoner couples are able to practice patience and communication to reach a resolution that works for both people.

4. …And if you are in a fight, you both still have compassion and offer support to the other.

Cloud Nine - stoner couples


Part of the perspective that cannabis is able to stoner couples is one that reminds us of what’s really important, even in difficult situations.

You may feel angry, betrayed, unheard by your partner, but underneath it all, you still love them.

And even doing an argument, sometimes it’s hard, but you’re always able to show compassion and empathy to your partner.

5. You accept your partner for who they are; flaws and all.

Cloud Nine - stoner couples


No matter who you’re with, you’ll find qualities about that person that bug you to no end.

Stoner couples are able to understand that, accept that, and love their partners for who they are; flaws and all.

Some even embrace the qualities in their partner that used to drive them nuts. It’s all about changing your perspective and deciding on love instead. And that’s exactly what cannabis is all about.

6. …But you still encourage each other to grow and change.

Cloud Nine - stoner couples


Some couples make the mistake of putting their partner in a box and forcing them to stay in roles that they’ve created for them.

For stoner couples, this just isn’t the case. It may sound funny, but 420-friendly couples recognize that their partner is their own person.

Just because they may be married to them, live with them, or spend every waking moment them, that doesn’t mean that this person is simply an extension of yourself.

Stoner couples realize this and encourage their partners to go out into the world and try new things. They’re supportive when their partner shows interest in something new or is striving to change an aspect about themselves.

7. After a hard day, your partner always has a joint ready for you.

Cloud Nine - stoner couples


Stoner couples know how to pamper each other.

They know each other’s favorite strains, favorite smoking methods, and favorite things to do before, during, and after a sesh.

They’re always there for each other when it comes to providing an amazing cannabis experience for you, whether it’s to celebrate a great day or to exhale a bad day.

We think that The Expendables sang it best when they sang, “I packed this bowl for two, and I‘m gonna want to smoke it with you.”

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