11 Reasons Your Stoner Friend Is the Best

11 Reasons Your Stoner Friend Is the Best

We all have that one friend that just understands you!

You have each other’s backs and will always support each other through life. When you two smoke together, the fun is endless.

Your stoner friend, meaning your favorite friend to smoke with, is probably one of your closest friends. And this is why.

1. They’re always down to smoke

Your stoner friend is always down to pack another bowl, light up another doobie, or take another dab.

You turn to them when you want a smoking buddy that understands you! And you understand them.

You come together under your love for cannabis, but your friendship is so much deeper than that.

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Cloud Nine blog - Laughing with your stoner friend under a blanket looking at mountains.

2. They know your favorite strains

Among all of the other random stuff they know about you, of course, they know your favorite strain!

If they’re really your stoner friend, they probably know which strains you like best for different moods, events, or experiences.

And chances are, you know theirs too because they’re probably the same.

3. They’re the best listener

Most people just wait for their turn to talk, but your stoner friend is always there for you when you need to vent.

They actually listen to all of your crazy highdeas, your stories about a hard day at work, and are able to pull you back down to earth when you start to jump to high conclusions.

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Cloud Nine blog - Two friends walking down a path with a camera.

4. They encourage you to try new things

You were probably with your stoner friend when you first tried a vape pen, or maybe they introduced you to your favorite brand of edibles.

You and your cannabis BFF probably inspire each other to try new cannabis-related things as well as things outside of cannabis!

5. They make you laugh

Every time you smoke with your stoner friend, it’s like you both get an ab workout from laughing so hard!

You two get each other and both have that twisted sense of humor full of inside jokes and stoner friend nicknames that only the two of you can understand.

When you laugh with your stoner friend, you can both release the tension of the day. There’s probably a perfect stoner friend meme that represents your entire relationship out there.

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Cloud Nine blog - Woman showing her stoner friend a secret on her phone outside

6. They’re trustworthy

Not only is your stoner friend trustworthy when it comes to your cannabis products, but this is someone you can really tell your secrets to.

You can trust that they have your best interest in mind and will keep private things private.

That doesn’t mean you two don’t gossip, but when you do, it’s understood that none of the information leaves the conversation.

7. They’re honest

They’re not going to sugar coat things, and that’s just how you like it.

Their honesty is refreshing and inspires you to trust them and be honest with them too.

If they don’t like a certain cannabis strain, they’ll let you know.

But that’s how you two have gotten so close, by getting to know each other authentically.

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Cloud Nine blog - Your stoner friend will always be there for you. Two friends skiing together.

8. They support you through thick and thin

Your stoner friend may be a great person to laugh and have fun with, but they also know when to get serious when you’re going through some stuff.

They know how to be empathetic and they always seem to know what to say to make you feel better.

The inspirational stoner friend quotes online have nothing on your friend!

They know just what strain to bring to the table, whether you’re feeling happy, sad, or anything in between.

9. They’re not judgmental

When you and your stoner friend get together to smoke, sometimes you say some weird stuff.

But it’s cool, because they don’t judge you.

They know you mean well and that things get misunderstood and lost in translation.

Plus, they’re just as messed up as you are, so they can’t judge you!

You two are figuring out this thing called life together, judgment-free.

Cloud Nine blog - Your stoner friend will never judge you. Two friends in funky jackets.
Cloud Nine blog - Your stoner friend is loyal. Two friends overlooking the mountains with hands in the air.

10. They’re loyal

If someone gossips about you, your stoner friend is the first one to stand up for you.

They’re never spreading fake information or rumors behind you behind your back.

They support you and respect you enough to have your back always, and they know that you have theirs.

You two are stoner friend for a reason, and when someone talks negatively about your friend, they may as well be talking negatively about you.

11. They’re open-minded

You and your stoner friend may have differences, but instead of letting them push you apart, you both embrace your differences!

They’re open-minded and willing to see life through the lens of your perspective, and you’re willing to do the same.

You both learn so much from each other because of it.

You both know not to fear what you don’t understand.

Cloud Nine blog - Your stoner friend always keeps an open mind. Two friends in bikinis at the ocean.

Does this remind you of your stoner friend? Leave a comment below about how awesome they are and send them this link so that they can see it! It’ll make their day and give you both something to talk about once you’re together and smoking again.

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