Stoner Tools Life Hacks: 6 Unexpected Tools & Tricks That You’ll Love

1. The Sploof – Every discreet stoner’s best friend.

Cloud 9 blog - Stoner tolls toilet paper roll tp dryer sheets rubber band sploof

One of every college student’s favorite stoner tools is a sploof.

Even though the smell of cannabis smoke dissipates relatively quickly compared with pesky cigarette smoke, sometimes you don’t want to deal with the smell at all.

If you want to smoke indoors without letting that telling cannabis smoke linger in the air, making a quick sploof is the perfect way to keep that smoke out of the wrong noses.

Sploofs are also perfect for if you personally just don’t love the smell and want to mask it with something a little more pleasant.

All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, a dryer sheet or two, and a rubber band.

Put the dryer sheets at the end of the TP roll and secure it with a rubber band, and voila! Blow your smoke into the open end of the TP roll and the smoke that comes out of the dryer pads will leave your cannabis smoke smelling like fresh laundry. Amazing.

2. Bring the 90s Back – CDs to prevent bowl spillage.

Cloud 9 blog - CDs for pipe bong bowl stoner tools life hacks stoner marijuana cannabis weed

You probably still have about a hundred of them in a case packed away somewhere.

Well, dust them off, because it’s time to put that old Oasis CD to good use yet again.

Holding the hole of the CD over your bowl while you pack your pipe or bong is the perfect tool to prevent spillage and to get that bowl packed as full as possible.

Along with being one of the most interesting and unexpected stoner tools, going through your old CDs is the best for bringing back amazing memories!

You may even find yourself bumping Alanis Morisette’s Spotify playlist the next day.

3. No Grinder? No Problem! – Penny and a pill bottle.

Cloud 9 blog - Stoner tools pill bottle penny shake makeshift grinder weed marijuana cannabis 420 life hacks

So you want grinded up weed, but your grinder is nowhere to be found.

Well, there’s an easy fix for that.

All you need is one of your old pill bottles for when you used to take prescription pills but using cannabis completely weaned you off of them, and a penny.

A clean penny!

Pennies are easy to clean, just rub them in some rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol).

Put a nug into your pill bottle, drop the penny in, and SHAKE!

Shake the bottle until your weed is perfectly grinded up.

Impress your friends and show them that you’re too cool for grinders.

4. A Slow Burn Never Tasted So Sweet – Honey on a joint.

Cloud 9 dispensary - cloud nine dispensary - honey

One of the most awesome stoner tools comes in a little bottle that’s shaped like a bear.

Yep, that’s right: Honey!

Many people deal with joints that don’t light evenly or just burn through way too fast.

Adding a tiny drop of honey – or agave for all of you lovely vegans – and spreading it gently all over a finished joint will slow down the rate at which it burns.

It’ll also help with avoiding uneven burning or canoe-ing”.

Not to mention the added sweetness it’ll provide to the whole experience. Enjoy the lovely sweet honey flavor all while taking your time with a slow-burning joint.

5. So Fresh and So Clean – Household products to clean your glassware.

Cloud 9 blog - Kosher salt to clean your bong pipe glassware stoner tools 420 life hacks cannabis marijuana weed

Not all of us can afford to hire professional glass cleaners for our bongs and pipes (um, yeah, that’s a thing).

But luckily for you, you already have everything you need to get your glassware sparkly clean.

That same rubbing alcohol that you used to clean off the penny in step 3?

Yeah you’re going to want to pull that back out.

Along with two Ziploc baggies big enough to put your glass into, and some Kosher salt.

Put your glass pipe into the baggies (double bagging to avoid ashy, salty, rubbing alcohol from leaking onto your floor), and then fill the bag that the pipe is in with rubbing alcohol until half of your pipe is covered.

Then add some Kosher salt to act as a gentle yet abrasive cleaning aid.

Then, much like step three again, shake!

But BE CAREFUL. Shake gently.

You have delicate glass in there, and if you’re not careful, you’ll drop the bag and end up with a baggie full of broken glass. Major bummer.

6. Power of the Sun – Magnifying glass lighter.

Cloud 9 dispensary - cloud nine dispensary - magnifying glass

If you really want to impress your friends on a sunny day, leave the lighter at home, and grab a magnifying glass to the sesh instead.

In the same way that curiously cruel kids used to focus the sun’s light onto ants on the concrete, you’ll be doing the same thing, except with your bowl or joint.

By changing the angle that the sun is hitting the face of the magnifying glass, you’ll be able to focus all of the sun’s light onto one little point causing your joint to light up real quick.

But remember, this will only work on a sunny day, so be sure to use this trick while it’s still summertime.

Know of any other awesome stoner tools and life hacks? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Michael Revell II August 26, 2018 at 12:52 am - Reply

    You can chew stems till they turn to mush and swallow them to help with stomach pain.

    • Head in the Clouds August 28, 2018 at 9:11 am - Reply

      Huh, we’ve never tried that one before. Thanks for the tip, Michael! 🙂

  2. […] ever lived in a college dorm, chances are, you may remember fashioning your own sploof out of toilet paper rolls and dryer pads in order to smoke weed without the […]

  3. Dana January 15, 2019 at 10:14 am - Reply

    You can use q-tips to clean your bowl peices. Cutting them in half will help poke through if clogged.

    • Head in the Clouds January 16, 2019 at 9:06 am - Reply

      Love that, Dana!

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