Weighing the Pros and Cons of Trying Edibles

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PRO: The longer, stronger high can be a fun adventure.

One of the many reasons people end up loving edibles after they try them is because of the longer-lasting high.

When you’re first starting to smoke flower, the high can last for maybe an hour or two.

But when with an edible, you can feel the effects for up to 10 hours, depending on the dose.

If you want a full day of relaxation and adventure, this is definitely the method to try.

CON: The longer, stronger high can be overwhelming.

For those of you who are used to smoking flower, you may not be used to being high for more than a couple hours.

This can be a little overwhelming for some users, but luckily, there is a solution!

When you’re trying edibles for the first time, try a dosage that’s super low. We recommend 2.5 mg or 5 mg of THC (you’ll be able to find that information on the package when you’re at the dispensary).

That way, the dosage won’t be so overwhelming, and no matter how long the high lasts, you’ll still feel like you’re in control.

Cloud Nine - Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine blogs - trying edibles

PRO: The strong body high can be relaxing.

If you’re one of the tons of people who are trying edibles to help with physical aches and pains, you are definitely in the right place.

Edibles can be an incredible source of relief for adults of all ages because of the enhanced body high that it can give.

If you’ve smoked flower before, and even if you haven’t, you might have noticed that flower can give you a light body high.

But with edibles, it is so much better.                                                     

CON: The strong body high can be different from what you’re used to.

If you’re not expecting the body high, it can be a little bit different.

It may take trying edibles once or twice before you fully understand how to let go and to relax fully into the experience.

But, like our advice about having a longer and stronger high, we recommend microdosing!

That way you can still enjoy a light body high that’s more pleasant than overwhelming.

Cloud Nine - Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine blogs - trying edibles

PRO: There’s no smoke in your lungs or in the air.

So many people shy away from cannabis because they don’t love the idea of smoking, but with edibles, you don’t have to deal with any smoke!

This smoke-free method is a favorite for anyone who has asthma, doesn’t like the taste/smell of cannabis, or just enjoys a snack.

CON: The onset time can take a while.

The worst part about edibles is that it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 whole hours after eating it to feel the effects of the edible.

But don’t worry, edibles are so fun that it’s totally worth it.

Check out our dispensary for the best selection of cannabis-infused edibles in Sacramento!