6 Activities for Prime Weed Couch Lock Entertainment

6 Activities for Prime Weed Couch Lock Entertainment

So you’ve settled in with an exciting new indica strain and you’re starting to feel the effects… the weed couch lock effects, that is.

You’re not going anywhere, and you like it.

But what now?

Your brain feels good. Your body feels good. You’re planted firmly onto your favorite couch and/or bed and/or other comfortable furniture piece. Getting up to do anything else honestly just sounds like a lot right now.

1. Watch a movie

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While this is probably the easiest and most predictable item on this list, there’s a reason why people love to watch movies when they’re stoned!

With your altered perspective, you’ll experience a movie in a whole new way.

Whether it’s a funny movie that’s even more hilarious when you’re stoned, a nature documentary that blows your mind, or an animated movie that moves you with its colors and imagination, watching a movie while you’re in a weed couch lock never goes out of style.

2. Have a munchie feast

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As long as the path to the kitchen isn’t too complex, that is.

Gather your favorite snacks, junk foods, and guilty pleasures and transfer them safely to your favorite little nook on the couch.

Savor each flavor as if it was your first time trying Hot Cheetos in cream cheese again (and if you haven’t tried it yet, seriously, you gotta try it).

If you feel inspired once you reach the kitchen, and your weed couch lock is seemingly on pause, you may want to consider cooking up something fun, or baking that cookie dough you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Or just eat it raw straight out of the tube. It’s better that way anyways. Don’t agree? Fight me in the comments section.

3. Draw something in the room without looking down at your paper

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Want to draw something that looks horrible but also slightly artistically Picasso all at the same time? You may want to give this a try.

Focus on something in the room and cover up your paper, pen, and drawing hand with your other hand. Then draw without looking down. Resist the urge!

Your end result should look something ridiculous and silly but also kind of good? My attempt is the photo above. I’m not not proud of it.

I recommend not lifting your pen from the paper, but do whatever feels right.

4. Surf the web for the strange, interesting, and hilarious pockets of the internet

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And don’t just open Facebook and stalk your ex again.

You’re in a weed couch lock, so if you’re browsing the web, you’re gonna have to get a little weird.

Search for websites that inspire you, teach you, make you think, or just make you laugh.

The internet is full of fascinating information and images. We have the entire world at our fingertips, and the power to decide whether we want to read about current events, shop online, or watch funny cat videos (I opt for the last option more often than I’d like to admit).

We even compiled a short list of our favorite websites to browse while high, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Meditate

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If you’ve ever tried meditating before, it’s actually really hard. The point is to completely clear your mind of thoughts and enjoy an apparently nirvana-like state. But if you’re anything like me, those pesky thoughts just won’t go away!

That’s why when we say you should try meditating, we don’t want you to try anything crazy (unless you’re into it).

Doing simple breathing exercises is a great way to feel grounded and back in touch with your body and mind.

Practicing mindful breathing exercises have been known to even help with stress-related health issues. So inhale the greens, and exhale peace…

6. Read

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When was the last time you read for fun?

As long as your mind isn’t too groggy or drowsy, you may love to pick up a book!

Reading can take you on an exciting and thrilling journey to other worlds.

There are plenty of amazing books that are even more amazing when you’re stoned, but even picking up one of your old favorites from childhood might wake up the inner child in you, and you may enjoy a pleasant nostalgia as you get lost in the characters and story.

Just because you’re in a weed couch lock doesn’t mean you’re confined to one space mentally.

And if you’re feeling too lazy or mentally not all there, a good TV show is probably your next best bet.


What’s your favorite weed couch lock activity? Let us know in the comments section below!

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